Friday, March 14, 2008

Radiohead/ Pink Floyd

Two of the most influential bands of all time. Pink Floyd has it's name in music history set in stone. As for Radiohead, they are still making music history with every new album. Radiohead has just hit the second highest peak of their career with "In Rainbows", the album that turned the industry on it's head.

"Ok Computer: A Classic Album Under Review" is a very good documentary about the renowned Radiohead Album that hit the airwaves in 1997. The film centers around a few people in the music business, music majors and close people to Radiohead. It's spread out with interviews and demonstrations of the songs itself with a very informative deconstruction of the album. I don't really need anyone to tell me how great an album is but it's enjoyable to see what other people have to say about the album. "Ok Computer" same as with Pink Floyd's "Dark Side of the moon" is somewhat a concept album. The themes of a society reaching it's end runs through "Ok computer" at a beautiful melodic pace but the album as a whole is always taken in differently by the listener. It can be a hopeful album or a simple "we are fucked" type of look on society. The documentary is a fun watch and it's interesting to see how many different ways the album can be viewed.

"The Making of the Dark Side of the Moon" is a wonderful documentary about what some consider to be the best album ever made. The hard work and technical achievements that went into making this album is just insane. It literally becomes a math course into how to make groundbreaking music without the help of the technology that we use now. This is literally a "Making of" and it's just amazing to watch. Anyone who likes music in general should watch this, it truly is a must see.

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