Thursday, February 28, 2008

The Brothers Coen.

funny pictures
moar funny pictures


I'm just right here listening to Amplive's version of Radiohead's "Nude". Too short has some lyrics on it and it's just a fun song. I love the way Amplive flipped the beat to sound like a classic 80's hip hop beat. The rest of the album is pretty good for the exception of his "All I Need" remix which is just horrible. Del The funkee Homosapien has some amazing lyrics on his rendition of "Videotape".

It's an interesting listen but obviously the original Radiohead "In Rainbows" work is far superior to what any genius beat chopper can come up with in his kitchen.

Just felt like typing this.

That's the myspace, peep game nigga.

It's also been raining alot lately. Interesting?


Alright, Oh snap.

I'm about to flip it right now.

It was pouring like a bitch last week so what did I do? I listened to some Guero by no other then the always amazing Beck. I'm starting to think that Beck is honestly the most consistent artist ever. Everything he's put out is just amazing. How can you not love "Sea Change"? It's one of the very best albums i've ever heard and surprisingly my favorite Beck album. It was his departure from all the electronic hip hop spoken chicken wire word that he would usually put out. Everything that guy does is just brilliant and to think he believes in aliens that sprouted life from a volcano is just as weird as his music.

Beck <3

funny pictures
moar funny pictures

Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Friday, February 8, 2008

Eddie Adams doesn't have shit on these pictures!

(Oh hey look it's Tim Burton looking all crazy and Helena Bonham Carter who is not far from behind the crazy train, they made a little film called "Sweeney Todd", it's badass)

(Oh snap, it's Thom Yorke and Jonny Greenwood from Radiohead at a film awards party?!?! That's right because Jonny Greenwood has the best score of the fucken decade, they are badass)

(Oh hey, it's Helena Bonham Carter and Jonny Greenwood hanging out...oh wait...THATS INSANELY BADASS!!!!!)

(Oh hey.....holy fucken's Thom Yorke and Tim Burton fucken kicking it. BEYOND BADASS)

Honestly, some of the most badass pictures of all time.

But i saved the best for last.

(Oh's radiohead...but a bus boy in the background getting into the picture and awkwardly smiling. BADASS)

Peter Jackson, why did you not do this?

You had the opportunity to make an amazing Rock Opera adaptation of J.R.R Tolkiens "Lord Of The Rings" but you went for gay undertones. It's cool, whatever. I'm just hoping if Del Toro gets the chance to direct he does it the right way. The way J.R.R would have done it. A Rock Opera.

Tuesday, February 5, 2008

Citizen Gangsta

This is the best thing i will ever see.

Friday, February 1, 2008

An open letter to Mr. Stallone

Dear Mr. Stallone,

I've been a fan of your work ever since i can remember. My dad and I spent our father/son relationship watching the film's you've made. Some bad but most badass. Rocky and Rambo will always stay with me, on my death bed, i will make sure my memory replays those films back to back for the ultimate double feature. You've always got shit for reasons i honestly don't know. I recently discovered the greatness of "Cobra" a while back which i wrote about. I love Cobra and i said something in my write up in which Cobra is probably your best role. I am sorry Mr. Stallone, i was wrong. Rambo is your best role and he is the best cinematic hero of all time. I honestly believe that, most people will read this and say that there is slight sarcasm in what i say about your work. The truth couldn't be further away from that. I am a genuine fan of yours and this is my love letter to my favorite hero of all time, not Rambo but Sylvester Stallone.

When word got around that you were thinking about bringing back Rocky, i became a little bit nervous. I didn't want to see one of my childhood icons become a laughing stock which at the beginning it was. People then shut their mouths when Rocky Balboa hit screens, the film is filled with heart and passion, something that you have for the Character of Rocky, something that Rocky has. I was very pleased with Rocky Balboa even though it's not the best of the series, it certainly is a great closer to the Rocky Saga.

Lightning hardly ever strikes twice and when you announced a new Rambo film, i began to get nervous again. Back to square one for myself as a fan and for you as a filmmaker. With this go around, my nervous hit a peak where i thought there was no way you can make an action film at the age you are now. The laughter came back once again, no one thought you could do it. Out of nowhere, the trailer. The trailer hits the internet like a one two punch from Rocky Balboa himself. You gave us what we wanted, the best trailer to ever reach my eyes. It was pure action, the titles in bold red which originally said "John Rambo". You have now changed the title to "Rambo" which i think is the far more superior title and I'm glad you changed it.

The time came, Rambo hit the screens and i was there to witness it. The film begins and i didn't know what to expect, the trailer was amazing but that doesn't mean the film will be. "RAMBO", in bold red letters then hit the screen. I was home. The rest of the film left me in awe. I couldn't believe what i was seeing, i didn't think it was possible. You have made the best film of your career. Every action scene is just superb and your acting is just great. Everyone is solid in the film, the original Rambo Score is intact which just brought a smile to my face. Before the first images of Rambo came to the screen, i can honestly say i have never been more nervous and anxious about a film. I didn't want you to disappoint and by god, you didn't.

Mr. Stallone, you have saved the action genre. Before "Rambo" we didn't have anything worthy to be under the "action" section at my local dvd rental store. This is indeed a badass movie that met all my expectations and literally blew them up. I am the first to say that the action bits wouldn't work without a character that was up to par. What you've done with Rambo is made him an old man, you didn't bother hiding your age, in this film Rambo is just like anyone else. He has a job, a shit job at that, he goes around gathering snakes just to make them fight and i'm sure he gets paid jack shit. On second thought, gathering snakes does sound pretty badass. Also in the film, you become nothing but a tour guide, you have to take religious preachers across the river so they can help the people less fortunate. You don't really care because life just kicked you while you were down. In the first film, you just wanted to get something to eat and go home and all hell breaks loose but what we call hell, you call home. This is your home and you've taken it back.

While thinking back on "Rambo", i always have a smile on my face because not only did you save the action genre but you gave us a hero. These days a hero consist of a costume and having to be beaten by some form of animal in which they model their costume after. Rambo is human, his strength comes from within and not from a far off planet in which your father wraps you in a cape with a huge "S" on it. The first time we see you in the new film, we see a man that has been through so much and he remembers everything. Things go wrong on the way to the end of the river, you have to decide whether to keep the "fuck the world" attitude or go and help these people out. You do more then help, you take down everyone of the sick bastards that touched these innocent people. You don't have the same beliefs as the people that are being tortured but yet you help them because it's the right thing to do. I salute you Rambo, you are indeed an American hero.

Sylvester Stallone, thank you. Thank you for bringing back a true Hero to cinema, we haven't had one in a long long time. Thank you for making the best action film i have ever seen. Yes, i said it, the very best action film. Thank you for having the passion and heart for going back and ending the Rocky and Rambo sagas. Last but not least, thank you for being a filmmaker. A filmmaker i can trust, a filmmaker i can enjoy, a filmmaker that puts a smile on my face and lets me reminisce back on my childhood. Thank you so much Mr. Stallone, thank you.

Your Fan,
Greg Lazcano

Final Grade - A+ (The best action film i will ever see)

Spooky shit.

This shit is creepy.

The Orphanage is a film that centers around memories and fucked up ones at that. The main character Laura played wonderfully by Belen Rueda plays a mother who adopts a young boy who vanishes after a party. She was also an orphan in her youth and has always wanted to help those in need of families. She is your all around nice lady that doesn't need the shit that the rest of the film brings to her.

Mysteries unfold throughout the film which kept me at the edge of my seat just wanting to figure out whats going on. It's not so much of "Hey, it's a twist" but the film is just so interesting and well made that you just want to keep on reeling it in. It's wonderfully shot and put together. The film comes from director Juan Antonio Bayona which "The Orphanage" happens to be his first feature film. I can see nothing but great things from this young filmmaker and i hope Guillermo Del Toro is with him every step of the way. The directing styles are very similar with the tones and looks of the films but where Del Toro is set in a fantasy/reality world, Juan Antonio Bayona brings the horror elements into a real world that adds to its creepiness. There isn't any evidence that we are watching a horror film, the first 20 minutes of the film doesn't seem like it would even go to the lengths that this film goes to and trust me, it goes to some far out lengths.

Bayona seems very confident behind the camera and i am very anxious to see what he has next up his sleeve. I hope he stays in the same universe of The Orphanage because we need some good creepy films right now and i think he is the person we've been waiting for. He has conceived some of the most haunting scenes that I've seen in a long time. He just doesn't creep you out, he has a scene that come out of no where and just grosses you out with one shot in particular. I won't describe it because the scene literally comes from left field and i mean that in a very good way.

This just goes to show that the Hispanics are making some of the most interesting and best films of the past years. I am glad to say that we have a new talent to look out for from the amazingly talented Hispanic filmmakers.

Grade A

So...Sarah Silverman is fucking Matt Damon.

This video is out right now circulating the interwebs and apparently everyone is doing some hardcore LOLing over this. I'm not a fan of Sarah Silverman at all, i have no idea why but it just doesn't click with me. That being said...she still isn't funny but you know who is? Matt Damon. It's just insanely awkward to see Matt Damon play an acoustic guitar that is producing a heavy distorted sound and watching him play pillow fight. Matt should do this more in his film work, i can see him doing great things. He should follow up The Departed role with a film about pillow fighting and playing acoustic guitars. I'd pay to see that. Hopefully you had a look at the video and had a laugh with Matt Damon saying "Let's go fuck Matt Damon".

Sarah Silverman though...i just don't see the appeal.

Here is Matt Damon in the form of an animal character from the hit television show "Arthur", a show about a teenage aardvark and all of his LOLing mishaps.