Friday, March 14, 2008

Before Rambo...WALKER!

My friend at Cinemaisking just reviewed this film. You can find that here.

I do agree with him but at the end of the film I actually enjoyed what I saw. I suppose i looked more at the little pieces of genius that are spread throughout the film. I also must say that i did watch it twice. The first I was more questioning what i just watched. It is a very ambitious film and it does fail but not to the extent where it's so horrible i disliked it.

I've also noticed many similarities with this film and "There Will Be Blood". A few scenes have very similar set ups, the main characters also have same characteristics, the obvious posters looks similar (the Criterion dvd cover) and also Joe Strummer's music seemed to be used a bit like how Jonny Greenwood's music. I may be tripping but i saw this film twice and the similarities are there.

*I was stoned while watch this film* (Just to let you guys know.)

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