Thursday, February 28, 2008


I'm just right here listening to Amplive's version of Radiohead's "Nude". Too short has some lyrics on it and it's just a fun song. I love the way Amplive flipped the beat to sound like a classic 80's hip hop beat. The rest of the album is pretty good for the exception of his "All I Need" remix which is just horrible. Del The funkee Homosapien has some amazing lyrics on his rendition of "Videotape".

It's an interesting listen but obviously the original Radiohead "In Rainbows" work is far superior to what any genius beat chopper can come up with in his kitchen.

Just felt like typing this.

That's the myspace, peep game nigga.

It's also been raining alot lately. Interesting?


Alright, Oh snap.

I'm about to flip it right now.

It was pouring like a bitch last week so what did I do? I listened to some Guero by no other then the always amazing Beck. I'm starting to think that Beck is honestly the most consistent artist ever. Everything he's put out is just amazing. How can you not love "Sea Change"? It's one of the very best albums i've ever heard and surprisingly my favorite Beck album. It was his departure from all the electronic hip hop spoken chicken wire word that he would usually put out. Everything that guy does is just brilliant and to think he believes in aliens that sprouted life from a volcano is just as weird as his music.

Beck <3

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